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Chunky phill has just broken his toe which one is the first aid kit in !!!

I thought we was going caving not camping?

Looks like we will miss the 10am start due to the search?s taking place on the boarder...


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Chunky lives in wales but has to travel outside of Wales to go caving due to fitting though  the gates

So we have the zoom , macro , fish eye , prime lense , and the telephoto, how many times chunky caving is meant  to be fun for yourself not getting more followers on your Facebook account !


Having arrived from a red zone country this traveller appears to be well prepared for his 10 days in the isolation hotel.


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Let's make video he said,
The workshop will be fun he said,
Lightweight gear he said,
Low light cameras he said.
Now look at me!


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...and this children is why I use an Android phone with a good low light camera for quick un-posed shots and video clips.


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First aid kit - check
Spare lights - check
GPS - check
Surveying equipment - check
Rigging gear - check
Packed lunch - check
Bothy shelter - check
Pack mule - we have a runner... cancel the trip, cant carry all this between us!
On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me
Three peli cases
Two ammo boxes
One tackle bag
and a daft bugger in a yellow suit


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so when you get to the bottom, you just take off your weight belt and these bags and cases full of helium do all the hard work of getting you back up again


Right, one box for Mars Bars, One for KitKats, One for Oaty Bars, One for Lion Bars, One for Cadburys Boost.....

Tell me again, why do they call me Chunky?