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Even with expert instruction, Janice had a feeling this pole dancing lark wasn't quite what she was told.


Members of the British Underground Human Pyramid Team attempt to shore up their latest project has run into problems.


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Following some budget cuts, the CPC waste no time in stress-testing their new GG winch gantry...


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A trip down memory lane for Badlad this one.

"Digging - When the future is so bright you just got to wear shades!"


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taking inspiration from canal vaulting, yorkshire introduces its newest sport "the pot hole Vault"


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I am sure Dragons Den will see this new Mole deterrent as a masterpiece, and ?50.00 for 50% an absolute give away


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So Tim lets get this straight, we dig from here to the Frozen Deep on Mendips, and then we claim it for Yorkshire, as the UK's largest chamber,



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When they asked

"What was I like with gymnastics and parallel bars?"

this is not what I had in mind!



Raising a mast and walking the plank...some members of the club took pirating someone else?s dig a little too literally.

Roger W

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She began to wonder if it had been a good idea to get her pal Albert and his uncle Tom to teach her the basics of SRT.