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Naturally, only the woman had worked out that sliding down the angled pole was the only way out of this predicament..


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To paraphrase a well known scene....

MAXIMUS: Range is good.
QUINTUS: The danger to the CSCC...
MAXIMUS [interrupts]: It is acceptable, agreed?
QUINTUS: Strength and honour.
VALERIUS: Strength and honour.
MAXIMUS: At my signal, unleash hell....


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I have had a range of similar comments over the years for this one.



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I know you said you don't like thin SRT rope but this is ridiculous! 


Things weren't going to plan when Cuadrilla asked contractors to frack an existing well! 


"This is the last nut we have. If you drop this one you are going down the shaft to retrieve it and the others you dropped"


Under D?Ales

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SRT is so last year and ?stylish? lifts are installed across the Dales. Work however is slow as 20 min tea breaks are taken every 10 minutes.


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The fear on set is palpable as the producers realise they've forgotten the ice axes and tent peg belay for filming "Descent 3 - the Slight Incline"


There it is, the Bridge of Death
Oh, great
Look, there's the old man from scene 24
What is he doing here?
He is the keeper of the Bridge of Death
He asks each traveler five questions
Three questions
Three questions, he who answers the five questions
Three questions
Three questions may cross in safety
What if you get a question wrong?
Then you are cast into the Cave of Eternal Peril


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Thanks to everyone who entered this caption competition - such a great response, I'm already thinking of the next competition  (y) ;)

My favourite captions are:

1) alastairgott Just shake my hand, then between us we'll have 6 points of protection.

2) maxb727: ?I?m telling you H&S definitely stands for Head and Shoulders - we?ve got this?

3) cfmwh: Don't pull her finger! She'll blow my bloody head off!

4) Brains: In secret the team practised the recreation of the Michaelangelo fresco "Creation of Adam" as a tableau for the next Hidden Earth... while it seemed a good idea after a few beers, doubts were beginning to creep in about the choices for "Adam" and "god"

5) tobyk Raising a mast and walking the plank...some members of the club took pirating someone else?s dig a little too literally.

6) roo.walters: Hay Watto, these new ear defenders are great for blocking out Frank's poetry.

7) badger: So Tim lets get this straight, we dig from here to the Frozen Deep on Mendips, and then we claim it for Yorkshire, as the UK's largest chamber,

8.) martinb 'Just a minute!' You're suppose to shore up the INSIDE of the bloody cave!'

9) Aubrey: "This is the last nut we have. If you drop this one you are going down the shaft to retrieve it and the others you dropped"

10) Zombiecake: "I am a dwarf and I'm digging a hole, Diggy, diggy hole, diggy, diggy hole" (earworm's back!)

With thanks to Random.org - number 6 is the winner, ironic as Roo stars in the photo  ;)

Congratulations, Roo (y) (y)



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Thank you - this has been a lot of fun. Great to win too and thanks for not getting smutty. Please Jane - can the photo finally be ?lost??