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Win the latest Matienzo Caves Project book - 2010-19 . Caption Competition!!


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Win the latest Matienzo Caves Project Book 2010 - 2019


Book details here: https://ukcaving.com/board/index.php?topic=26555.0


To enter, simply post your captions for the photo above on this thread.

Max 5 entries per person.  Closing date Sat 30th January at 10pm.

Winner to be chose by Juan Corrin.

Many thanks to Juan for the prize and Phil Papard for the photo.

For those who have been out to this iconic caving area already, let's hope cavers can return soon.  For those who haven't been yet - you should go - if you'd like more information, it can all be found here and I'm sure Juan and the rest of the Matienzo Caves Project cavers will be happy to pass on their encyclopaedic knowledge of the area  ;)  https://ukcaving.com/board/index.php?topic=20644.0

Good Luck!!

Pete K

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Put some mud back down there! You'll never attract Derbyshire cavers if it is this clean.


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Some young girl in a blue frock and high on acid has just fallen down this hole - I told you to leave it safe, we will never here the end of this if the story in print...


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"Festival of Brexit" my arse - its a hole in the ground! - how much are we taxpayers paying you for this?


OK, I know things are difficult during the lockdown, but, who's been digging this hole in my garden?

Duck ditch

New member
?This cave lads, leads directly to Matienzo avoiding all the new border rules and restrictions.  You can even take That ham sandwich hidden in that camera bag?.


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OK, so you think you're tough. You go first, and tell Pegasus you don't like the new caption competition rules.