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Duck ditch

New member
Guys guys guys.. Go deep.  Embrace your mind, spirit and body and believe.  This is your hope, this is your heart, this is your destiny.  This is ?  - - Matienzo.


Right then,
You get in that hole and start digging,
You start filling out the log book,
and You go and get me a nice cold cerveza!


Active member
I don?t care who?s idea it was, get down there and get him out. The 4 valleys pasabola final is on in half an hour and I intend to be there!


Well-known member
"Wait, there's someone already down there!"
"I can hear the distant chanting, it's something like Diggy, Diggy Hole."


Well-known member
Well, Jerry's found Tom and Dick, but they'll never find Harry now we've disguised it as some half-baked hippy tent frame.


Active member
Come on, get digging! I've already sold tickets for next weekend, we've got a coach party coming and I've promised them no ducks!

...and don't tell porkies, I know you're not there yet otherwise it'd be in the log book!


Active member
Ok guys, we've been hired by Pablo to source something "different" for the exped meal, after Big Steve is tired of goat 🐐. I left the lid off last night, go see if we've caught anything.