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Win the latest Matienzo Caves Project book - 2010-19 . Caption Competition!!


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Here you go


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Right lads, back in the hole. You wouldn't hesitate if there was hair round it!
(Sorry, I blame a former pit deputy of my acquaintance)  ;)


An excellent response to the competition - thanks to all who entered. And thanks to Pegasus for organising the time and space!
I particularly liked:
With a wordless stare and a pointed finger, the prisoner was condemned to the camp dig. - andrewmc

This cave lads, leads directly to Matienzo avoiding all the new border rules and restrictions.  You can even take That ham sandwich hidden in that camera bag?. - Duck ditch

"Wait, there's someone already down there!"
"I can hear the distant chanting, it's something like Diggy, Diggy Hole."
- ZombieCake
(If you're not one of the 53 million people who've seen the Diggy, Diggy Hole then it can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytWz0qVvBZ0 )

However, the winner of the Matienzo book is BenW with
And when those vandals resurface, we pull this rope to deploy the net.

Will BenW please message me with an address and phone number so I can send out a copy of the book on Monday.
(By the way, that dig became the BigMat-Calf Hole entrance into the Torca la Vaca system, greatly facilitating the exploration and documenting of 23.8km of passages. (http://www.matienzocaves.org.uk/descrip/2889.htm). New caving faces are welcome in Matienzo - a list of contacts is available on the Matienzo Caves Project front page: matienzocaves.org.uk )


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Ben W

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;) That has made my week! Thank you so much Juan (and Pegasus), I can't wait to have a look through the book - it looks absolutely brilliant


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Congratulations Ben  ;)

Thanks to Juan and the Matienzo Caves Project....and to the very many people who posted a caption  (y) (y)