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Knotlow East level to Fourways question
« on: December 17, 2019, 02:11:16 pm »
On Sunday (15 Dec 19) we had a look at the East Level. The squeeze from the usual trade route to Waterfall Pitch is quite badly silted and needs clearing, and the ladder on the 8' climb has finally died. From the top of the climb we could hear the East Level stream flowing well and see it rushing into the coffin level. On closer inspection the cobble floor had about 10 to 15 cm of fast flowing water. We went in only a few feet to the first bend where I could turn around as the water was backing up over us in the coffin level crawl, those that backed out said it was over their kidneys, and once I managed to turn round it was over my elbows and up to my chest. I stopped it getting worse by twisting myself to let the flow past.
The guide says the level is 380m long to the junction with Crimbo Pipe, that connects to the coffin level downstream of Fourways (about 300') that in turn leads to the 210 (about 500').
The guide describes Crimbo Pipe from Rift Chamber up to East Level as "fierce" and bouldery crawling with squeezes and ducks...

So we plan a return in dry weather but, the question!
How tight are the squeezes, how desperate the ducks? I can pass the narrows in Nettle easily, and Bar Pot is a squirm. The Vice in Giants is doable. I am XL to XXL in shirts and not barrel chested.
Will I get through in dry kit or neoprene if needed, will I drown, is it best going downhill in Crimbo Pipe or up?
Who has been there, done that and got the T shirt?


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