Shetland Attack Pony 5 now available

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Hi All,

Just to let you know that I am now selling the Shetland Attack Pony v5 at This comes with a laser range finder, and optional bluetooth module.

Compass and clino accuracy are < 1 degree, 1mm accuracy on distance reading.

The bluetooth module is supported by SexyTopo (and should be fairly simple for other paperless surveying systems to use)

Calibration can be done in about 2-3 minutes in the cave - no other equipment is needed.

Happy to answer any questions.


I remember when we started surveying Excalibur Pot in 2007, lying in all those sharp, wet beddings with standard sighting instruments, and the thought of nearly 2km (at the time) more to do! Then we heard about the conveniently timed first-generation Shetland Attack Pony which saved us many hours of misery. The device was pioneering and did the job excellently (this was before DistoX became a thing). Great to see the distance measurement now integrated in this latest version.

A very nice alternative to the DistoX! Great stuff.

What’s the waterproofness like? I guess not waterproof, but reasonably splash-resistant?

Yes, it is pretty Splashproof, but will likely not survive prolonged immersion. The button and usb connector are both waterproof.

Awesome news. Get it working with TopoDroid and you'll sell loads  ;D

I loved my first SAP until it went out of calibration.  I certainly couldn't understand how the calibration procedure worked, none of the survey geeks I gave it to could do it either so it never got used again.  I hope the V5 has a simple procedure that we can all understand. 

Well done for producing a new version though


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