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I'm having to face accepting that my old Meander caving suit is finally past it .... it has been patched numerous times and  still has numerous holes.

So I'm looking for a new PVC caving suit, I have seen the threads about the new Meander and the Warmbac but a friend has a Landjoff suit from Bulgaria. I was wondering if anyone has any experience of these and how they compare to the Meander & Warmbac ?

Thanks in advance

Ian Ball:
Well the import cost of the suit from Bulgaria is quite a lot so cost wise I haven't got one yet.  I do like the company though, they offer club discounts and the like to ease the cost somewhat. 

I've got a warmbac and it's fine.  I like the neoprene cuffs.

Last time I was in Inglesport they had a box of Landjoff samples they were selling, might be worth getting in touch to see if they are intending to offer the Landjoff PVC suit?

We find PVC suits essential to keep warm for the type of digging operations we are involved in.  So everyone has one and most are Warmbac.  I'm not sure any other makes are readily available in the UK anyway.  I do find I get through a lot due to the nature of digging, often sharp, gravelly debris in small spaces wears out the sleeves etc.  The backside and back seam eventually goes too.  Overall they last about the same as Meandres used to when they were available. 

On the standard size I find the arms a little short and i mentioned this to Kermit at Warmbac.  He immediately offered to put an extra two inches onto the sleeves for me and he's been doing that ever since.  He likes to refer to it as the 'long arm baboon cut'  :)

I have heard that the Landjoff has a more stretchy or supple material but no proper idea how it performs.  One of the suits had problems splitting along the welded seams.  Which was that?

It looks like you can get the Meander PVC suit again, from Tony @

Ah - I think it was that one that split along the welded seams.  After a fair bit of use of course.


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