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About to undertake the task of repairing all of the various holes in my PVC suit.

Got PVC patches on order. What kind of adhesive are people using?


For what its worth I am now making a purpose journey to B and Q to get the Bostik stuff.
From the smell it appears to use a different formulation to what is usually, but it is certainly the best stuff I have used to date.
I use it for a lot of lamp accessories and making up battery cases etc, as well as PVC coated fabric, Oh yes, and also for underground kit.

Its says "Bostik PVC pipe adhesive" and is about £8 for a large tub. Brush is a bit on the large side though.

Can't beat Klebfest, I've had excellent results with it.

I used to use the gel Superglue worked for me with no problems and lasted .
Further back when the kids were young and on the beach and problems with beach balls and rings .
Instant mend back in the sea in twenty mins . They all survived by the way ! :lol: 

Best PVC glue would be stuff called "Solvent Cement" for plumbing waste systems. Best price used to be Screwfix. There are lots of PVC repair glues for beach toys, air beds, inflatable boats etc.


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