AL-20 Bloquer as a Chest ascender

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I purchased (cheap) a couple of new AB-20 Bloquers that I thought I could use as both a chest and hand ascender. I misread the info and it says that you can use it as a chest ascender if you stitch it into the harness. I am not doing any stitching, is there another way of attaching the ascender as a chest ascender or am I better off just using this as the hand ascender and buying the proper chest ascender?

Think I know the answer, but did not really want to spend any more money.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


I've used an old style petzl simple as a chest ascender at times in the past (which is pretty similar to yours) and it works.

A Croll is much nicer as it sits flatter and will be a bit easier to get rope in/out if you are at an awkward rebelay. Although not perfect... I'm sure your ascender will work. Clip a krab/maillon/Omni through the bottom hole

What chest harness do you have? I recommend petzl Torse (or petzl Secur)

If you're skint, don't forget to post here as people sometimes Freecycle stuff. If you don't ask .. ...

Ian Ball:
I've been using the Ac-30 for a few trips and apart from being a bit fiddly in gloves, it seems pretty decent.

As you say it's cheap, I am wondering if you would like to sell it to me and I'll use it as a hand jammer and you can then buy the chest jammer.


--- Quote from: Cantclimbtom on October 30, 2021, 04:23:34 pm ---I've used an old style petzl simple as a chest ascender.
I hope you mean petzl basic
 :o  :o
--- End quote ---

Ian Ball:
Thinking about it, if you use a simple maillon between d maillon and the connection hole, no reason it wouldn't work as a chest jammer.  It won't be as comfy, or I suspect as efficient.  I think the bigger issue for me would be the left side spring opening, that will take some getting used to for a right hander.


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