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 :coffee: Morning all !

So I have been thinking about a slight change to my kit due to now many more trips in the ochre , on 95% of my visits my I phone comes with me and I photograph things as I pas them we still cover large amounts of area as it’s much faster than a camera ! So are pace is generally not slow plodding walking .

The question is I own a 3.6L Daren drum which I can fit my lunch in ok and ram my phone in also for the ochre wades or the neck deep water . For trips longer than 8 hours this is a bit small really .

Should I keep the Daren drum I have and get a peli case for my phone and chocolate bars so it frees up space in the drum ?

Or a 6L Daren drum ?

I am not gentle with my bag in crawls I am often throwing it ahead of me more than dragging it behind .

I have never owned a peli case so have no clue about there feedback but they are far from cheap .  The internet says they are very good but I don’t imagine this is use in a caving / mine exploring environment.

What you are willing to carry is obviously up to you as regards a bigger Darren drum or an additional Peli case.

Regarding Peli cases in use underground: most cave photographers I know use them a lot and also cave rescue comms equipment is kept in Peli cases (at least for the team I'm involved with).

One advantage of a drum is that it should fit neatly into a tackle-sac.

Don't know...  but to point out Inglesport do their own cases/boxes, which may be a cheaper option than Peli

I have seen a peli case roll down the hill into a drystone wall at speed before a caving trip, and the contents (cameras & electronic equipment) be completely intact.


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