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Wanted - Headtorch for beginner ~ £100

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Hello cavers,

I'm new to caving and I would like to start building my own basic caving gear set.
I'm looking for a decent headtorch. Does anyone have something to sell in the £100 range?

You can contact me by PM. Thank you

PS: I already have a helmet but I'm open to helmet+torch kit propositions

Cheap and basic is keep looking on eBay (shouldn't take long) and buy a second hand Petzl Duo (needs to be older one not the one with the squared light and leds) maybe you'll see one £30? Keep looking they get bought very quickly

Then take out the bulbs and just push into the bulb holder a custom duo, the basic is £25

Decide on a fancier light later after you've used the Duo for a while. The Duo does the job!

Ian P:
You could do a lot worse than:


PM sent

Similar query was asked recently; you may find the answers there useful



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