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Whilst idling time away looking at the Fenix website I noticed that they have introduced a torch with a built in UVC disinfecting beam.  Looks quite interesting.  UVC is quite entertaining, and so it's good that they've built in some safety features.
I've seen UV water sterilisation 'pens' that you swirl around a cup of water to kill off the nasties, but not a torch for general sterilisation.
I think it might take a while to disinfect some of the more shall we say 'farmyard' associated caves though...

It's interesting, but I'm struggling to think of a use for it, at a 2cm operating distance - if you can't use it on your skin it's not much good as a 'dry' handwash, and a glass of water would take some time to clear, and then only bacteria and viruses, so mud etc. would still be there if it was emergency drinking water you were after. Good it has a safety cap though!

I see a  use for UV torches in the possible ability to read the part numbers on Chinese driver board components which for 'some reason' they sanded off.

If have a tripod you can take nice pictures of white calcite formations glowing under UV light. I tried this after acquiring a Scurion with a UV light on it and the results were impressive.

But what about the innocent bacteria, slaughtered in their millions, simply for a photograph? Don't use one in a SSSI! :)


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