How would you rate Speleotechnics build quality?

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Part of a three part poll on Speleotechnics see posts in Equipment/lighting

Humph. I had the pleasure of caving entirely on my Mini Q40 on Saturday after my 14 LED FX-Ion packed up (again) before i'd even got off the ladder down Garlands.


I've not used a Speleotechnics lamp since the FX2 came out (early-mid 80's). That lasted for years and I only stopped using it as my main light when I switched to carbide. In fact it still worked last year when I charged it up - for 5 hours or so anyway. Not bad.

By the way, Phil Brown (Caving Supplies) was saying the other day that these units you can buy to take duracell "flat" 4.5v batteries for the FX Headlite will soon knacker the LEDS (if you have the 7 or 14 array) as they are rated at a voltage which is less than the Headlite battery of FX3 and using 4.5v is bad for them He has ahad a few returns.

thats interesting, quite a few people in know (including myself) have put a 7 led reflector in an oldham cap lamp with a petzl zoom 4.5 v battery pack mounted on the back of the helmet. Not heard of any probs yet. I dont use it that regularly - only on trips that I know are going to be knarly and tight. Many people are using them on expeditions either as a back up for their carbide or where you cant get power to recharge lamps (a pack of 5 or ten flat pack batteries would easily last a month).

In what way would the LED's be 'knackered'

Huw Groucutt:
LED's can be pretty easily knackered by too high a voltage, but its not hard to use resisitors and voltage invertors (if such a thing exists) to regulate the voltage is it? Several people i know use oldham with 7LEDS and 4.5 V battery and have no probs.


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