A Bizarre Idea ?

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The Old Ruminator:
Whilst going shopping today I was thinking about tractor tyres. I wondered if placed one upon another in a hole and back filled they would make a good entrance shaft. Has anyone tried this or can think of the pros and cons ?

Cheaper than concrete, but not as strong.

Supplied with free ladder  :thumbsup:

You'd probably want to bolt them together and also drill some drain holes so they don't all fill with water.

I've got no evidence to support it, but my gut feeling is that they would be strong enough...

...especially if you backfill with concrete  :thumbsup:

I like the sounds of this , the back roads around here are sadly full of them from fly tipping and would give them a good use ! we use them on are farm for various things and they take for ever to start perishing and weaken .

I would also support they could hold up of bolted together , I don’t have no proof but have rested Landrover engines on large tyres before and they didn’t crush , you could also insert polystyrene behind them for the anti crush protection ? Not sure if it would work on tyres but for my garage pit it worked very nice !


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