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Geoff Workman.

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Well known and a legend of a caver in our region Geoff Workman has died, others will have known him for longer than I, so could say more about him.

Several years ago I was visiting Stump Cross Caverns Show Caverns, and could not help but notice a guy stood in the cafe area, rather distinguishable in a tweed jacket over a woollen jumper with frayed cuffs, instantly recognisable as someone with a good number of life's stories to recall,so I went over introduced myself and I was delighted to meet Geoff who i had read about, many years earlier, in books about caving.

We both had had an interest although generations apart, in digging in the swallet caves of Perryfoot near Castleton.

His advise on digging for caves "as long as you followed the water you wont go far wrong".

I would ask and tease Geoff on why he hadn't relocated the lost Pounders Cavern with its great underground lake, hidden beneath the slopes of Greenhow Hill, his favourite digging area..

Sad news, indeed. A nice guy who conned me into helping with a couple of his digs:

Sad news indeed, and unexpected even though he was 91 years old. Geoff was Chair of DCA for a spell in the 1960s and also DCA Newsletter Editor from Feb 1962 to Dec 1963. For an extract from his caving diary regarding his solo exploration of Starvehouse Mine see The Derbyshire Caver no 137 Summer 2015 (https://thedca.org.uk/publications/newsletters). Best known, of course, for his 105 day solo sojourn in Stump Cross Caverns. R I P.

Thanks for the refresh on the Starvehouse article - I'd forgotten about that one. Probably still worth a look. And an impressive bit of solo exploration too, though he was clearly very comfortable with it - did folks bother with 'call-outs' in those days, there being no phones handy?

Also active in PDMHS in its earliest days.


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