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Howdy doody trogs,

Our final schedhule for this weeks series of talks, I hope there is something of interest to y'alls  :o .

Updated Programme of Events for the QUBCC Cave Science Festival  :smartass:. Links to the Microsoft Teams meetings are below.

              Wednesday 24th: https://tinyurl.com/2uupj2nb

Dr George Veni : An Introduction to Cave and Karst Hydrology and
Geomorphology https://fb.me/e/4udUlNTof

              Thursday 25th: https://tinyurl.com/j9e2pw59

Dr Les Brown: Hydrogeology of Cuilcagh Mountain https://fb.me/e/5nRocAnhr

Dr Tina Aughney: Bats in Ireland https://fb.me/e/1Y9OGV9Xt

Dr Andi Smith: On the British Cave Science Centre https://fb.me/e/5hWVX1rnu

Alistair Morgan: Tracing Phosphorus Dynamics in Cave Systems https://fb.me/e/1hHgzvnIa

              Friday 26th: https://tinyurl.com/2rbd3mvt

Dr Thorsten Kahlert: World Heritage Trang An Landscape Complex, Northern Vietnam https://fb.me/e/267LcDELw

Dr Mike Simms: As old as the hills: the chronology of caves and their landscapes https://fb.me/e/1mHDohByr

Robert Wagner: Caves on the Moon (and Mars) https://fb.me/e/EjuUK6sE

We look forward to seeing you.  8)

On the first talk by Dr George Veni now, really interesting so far. Science-y but at a level that even an idiot like me can understand. Hopefully it continues accounting for my level of intelligence over the next few days.

Thanks QUBCC for organising :thumbsup:

Thanks to everyone who attended this evening, hopefully it was as informative and enjoyable for you as it was for me!
Really, an excellent presentation from George Veni, many thanks to him for agreeing to speak with us.

All being well, we should be starting Day 2 of the Cave Science Festival very soon, at approximately 6pm UTC!

Just want to say many thanks to Les Brown, Tina Aughney, Andi Smith and Alistair Morgan for speaking tonight! An great set of talks.

Also thanks to everyone who attended Cave Science Festival Day 2.
Apologies for the delay in starting talk two this evening.


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