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Christmas pot

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I joined a team of clapdale veterans for a lovely trip down Christmas pot, some interesting pitchheads and much less mud than in wiz caz that we visited 2 weeks ago.

A lovely sunny day out and a walk up long lane, which I didn’t know was a thing brought us to clapdale bottoms with much talk of the old clapdale (Lancaster) hut on route. What an amazing place this would have been to have a hut.

Soon we were at the entrance and proceeding down a cave with lovely pitches, some breakdown passages and some passages with lovely formations. And then we arrived at the bottom of the cave where there was evidence of much supermarket caught ring pull fish! Peskytarians!

I was pointed at the drainpipe where I was told it was a thing, but three of us tried it and didn’t fit today. One of our team said he’d been down the cave 50 times, this was revised to 20times when I quizzes him about how many times he’d done the drainpipe. Either way, fairly impressive and determined to have done that bit of passage 20 times, let alone at all! Hats off!

Thanks for that post Alastair. I did Christmas Pot once, about 35 years ago (on ladders in those days), and had forgotten all about it. Reading your description reminded me what a great day out it was!

I think that there has been a collapse of sorts that has led to the partial blocking-up of the Drainpipe; can anybody confirm this? (Several years ago two of us tried to get through from the other (Grange Rigg) end, but failed to do so; in my case progeress was hampered somewhat by my having a broken rib, but the other guy was slim and 'whole'.)

I don’t really know, It was tight on my backside with my legs free on the other side, I worried that if I popped down through and couldn’t get my chest through I would struggle with the return.

From first looks it does look like a solid rift with bedrock making the sides, I would guess it has possibly always been as small. Some of the people that do quite well on squeeze machines probably wouldn’t struggle.

I looked into it 18 months ago, and it didn't look as if it had changed from the time we were working at the bottom of Grange Rigg in the late 1960s.


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