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Yesterday at 08:44:40 pm by chunky | Views: 177 | Comments: 0

Congratulations to Jason and Chris. This trip has been decades in the making, with hundreds of cavers involved. Culminating  in  an epic 17 1/2hr traverse from Large Pot in Yorkshire, through flooded and dry passage beneath Lancashire and exiting Top Sink in Cumbria.
A huge logistical effort involving dozens of cavers who have been preparing for this attempt over the past months. Full trip reports and articles will be coming in due course but for now a couple of pic's

11a.m 25/09/2021 Jason and Chris enter Large Pot

During the traverse in the Ireby / Notts Sump and changed to dry caving in waterfall chamber.

04.30am 26/09/2021 Jason and Chris exit Top Sink
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