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As part of the BCRA series of online seminars - a contribution to  International Year of Caves and Karst (IYCK), the British Library will be featured on Monday 8th November.

What would you like us to cover?  Some topics under consideration are :-

Location, visiting , facilities
The history of the library
How to visit
Our holdings - books, journals, archive material.
Volunteering to help 
Unusual enquiries
Future directions, technology, virtual library, open days, film night   ?

Do let us know if any of these grab you - and any other areas that you would like to know about.

Mary (librarian)

Ian Ball:
I would like a discussion on how to access the library catalogue and information.  what searches can be done for example searching Gaping gill might cause an avalanche but can you search Gaping Gill 1910-1920? or something like that?  how to submit items which may not be currently held?

I'd also appreciate a tour of the audio archive and if there were a discussion on forming a video equivalent?


Martin Wright:
Details of the location, facilities, range of publications held and "How to visit " should definitely be included. You have a fabulous resource and I have benefitted greatly from your and Jenny's friendly help in accessing and using it (for which, many thanks once again). I'm sure there are many others out there who could benefit in a similar way if they were made aware of the extent of the information available, the ease of accessing it (once Covid restrictions are relaxed) and the assistance and expertise available to locate specific items.

Martin Laverty:
Ian - Have a look at for a start

The search function is very literal (but not case sensitive) and does not attempt to correct for spelling errors like Google might - "Gaping gill" does bring back quite a lot of links but "Gaping Gill 1910-1920" is far too specific, once you realise that to work someone would have had to tag or annotate the reference involved with that specific phrase, unless it was in a book title (always indexed) or a journal article (sometimes indexed, but just think of the effort involved in doing that...)

Note that there is a feedback option which can be used for questions or observations, such as submitting information on something to add or correct...

Ian Ball:
That is spot on Martin, thank you. I need to think of a different seminar topic suggestion now :-)


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