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Any plumbers out there who can pass a little advice?

The radiators in my house have started coming on when the hot water is getting heated, which is the last thing I need in this weather!

There appears to be an actuated valve to direct the water from the boiler either through the heating loop in the jot water tank,  or around the central heating circuit. I assume that this is jammed in the wrong position.

Does this sound like a reasonable diagnosis? Any idea if I can test if it's the actuator or valve that's at fault, or will I need to replace the whole unit?

Any other tips before I regret being a cheapskate and not paying a plumber?

I suppose as a short-term measure you could turn all the individual heaters off until you get a definitive diagnosis.

I dont have any zone valves but believe that they can be actuated manually. They are a common source of problems. You can get new motor units off eBay without replacing the whole unit. The open/closed position should be marked, if in a dark place use a torch and turn the rads off manually.

Google up "zone valves" , "wet central heating" etc and you should get a load of info.

I dont want hot showers in this weather so I turn off the whole lot and save money. Dont forget that the boiler itself will add heat ti your home.

as above, 3port valve that diverts heated water from boiler to either heat the radiators or the hot water cyclinder, or both.

Ours is the same at the moment and awaiting a replacement

You may have one 3-port valve, or two 2-port valves. Either way, they can be manually overridden to on, or in your case to off by removing the actuator and turning the valve by hand. You can at least prove whether it is the valve or actuator as they are separately available.



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