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Wondered if anyone has found a good source of waterproof hard cases for SDS drills?  Obvious Peli is the gold standard but I'm hoping to find something significantly cheaper which will do.  Bit of time with google and Hurricane or Max boxes seem a good choice at about £40 for the right size.  Anyone got either and able to comment on robustness?


a large curtec drum perhaps

I have one of these but don't use it so much. It's ok when I have used it, it's good for if your taking the drill in and out a lot.

Typically I use a 7L inside a 13L bag. I have a carry mat inside with the drill in but I'm transporting a tiny drill with two batteries so you might need to go larger.

Thanks both. 

Drums are an option and I have something it fits in already but what I would really like is a box with handle suitable for permanent storage / general out and about which can also go caving.  Obviously not asking for much!!!

Minimum size is 13" x 9" x 4".  The drill in question is a Bosch GBH 18v + 2 spare batteries.  The largest of those from inglesport is not big enough and they're also rather pricey still (but really good boxes - I have a small one for camera bits).

Currently wrap drill in towel and then in a bag.  I guess I'm looking for some sort of halfway between this and a peli case.

This is the best I've found so far, but was wondering if anybody had found something better:


a bit cheaper than peli


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