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Equipment / Re: UVC Disinfecting Torch
« Last post by Duncan Price on Today at 09:18:57 am »
Never mind all that; are they any good for processing detectors with OBA on?

The old style forged bank note checker worked well for that.  IIRC tampons were/are the detector of choice for the financially challenged as they pick up the OBA and don't contain any to start with.  If you don't have a UV light of your own then hand your detectors over the bar of any pub as they've probably got one.

The days of paying by contactless card and the new plastic banknotes may have made the chances of finding a UV lamp in a pub more difficult.
Idle Chat / Re: Customers Stuck in Pub
« Last post by paul on Today at 09:11:55 am »
Standard Tan Hill self publicising utter rubbish. There’s bugger all snow, the road is pretty much bare even in those pics! I’ve just been most of the way to see to some sheep in a vw van!
I’ve got a pic somewhere of a pickup parked outside the bedroom windows, that was a snowy day, this is their usual irritating rubbish!

That's strange because according to Grough at

The Kirkby Stephen (Mountain Rescue) team posted a video of conditions en route to Tan Hill, north of the Yorkshire Dales, on Saturday during which they rescued three occupants of a vehicle and their three dogs, and also came across four more people stranded in blizzard conditions.
Peak District / Re: Peak District - Wezzit?
« Last post by fishes 1 on Today at 08:35:41 am »
I'm assuming the green stuff is pyromorphite?
Wales / Re: The CAL agreement with NRW has ended
« Last post by Tomferry on Today at 08:00:45 am »
Could do with a closed mike channel for discussing this.

Agreed would be handy !
Peak District / Re: Peak District - Wezzit?
« Last post by T pot 2 on Today at 07:52:29 am »
Looks like sphalerite in mason mine
Idle Chat / Re: Friday joke - WARNING - contains swearing.
« Last post by tony from suffolk on Today at 07:45:22 am »
My Grandad was highly decorated in World War Two.
in fact, many people believe it was the tinsel on his helmet that got him shot.
Wales / Re: The CAL agreement with NRW has ended
« Last post by RobinGriffiths on Today at 01:58:19 am »
Could do with a closed mike channel for discussing this.
Lost & Found / Re: Found: Gavel Pot, Orange and Purple taped Maillons
« Last post by Cavematt on Yesterday at 10:40:43 pm »
Hey Gottzone, purple and orange is NPC colours... although given the number of Krabs we now have I'm not sure who is still rigging with maillions (maybe part of a long term diving project)? Or maybe someone else coincidently has the same gear colours.

Glad you found Yorkshire to be 'OK'...  :o

If you fancy returning to England's finest caving county (!!!) and dropping the maillions into/around the back of Greenclose when you are next passing on the A65, I'm sure that would be appreciated by the tacklemaster, assuming nobody else claims them  ;D
Lost & Found / Re: Found - Spreader - Swildon's Hole
« Last post by Maj on Yesterday at 10:40:27 pm »
Checked out the found spreader. It is not one I recognise as belonging to MNRC. I think green tape on MNRC kit was possibly from a bygone age, I don't think any of our kit has green tape on these days, well our spreaders don't at least.

Lost & Found / Found: Gavel Pot, Orange and Purple taped Maillons
« Last post by alastairgott on Yesterday at 10:27:30 pm »

After an excellent trip to Gavel Pot, where our 17 and 19 year old TSG members had a whale of a time, and even proclaimed "yorkshire is ok actually" and "that's the best cave i've ever done". And I vowed to return to Gavel, as it's a very good cave.

I have just shanked the unwashed club ropes in the Bath (as I don't have the room for coiling, and I know it will annoy our tacklemaster  :lol: ).

When I got to the final bag which was used near the insitu (coiled) ropes on the pitch which needs a 55m rope and also the 40m rope
 I found 4 maillons mixed in with the tackle which had Orange and Purple gear tape on them. I assume these have been derigged by exuberant deriggers on our team. and so need returning to their rightful owners.

Does anyone know who these belong to so I can attempt to mail the Maillons back to their owners?
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