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Power Washers - again

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Was in Chard Lidl's on Sunday and notice they are doing their (Parkside) version of the washer in I described a while back. Looks almost identical to the Workz one but is retailing for only £50-00.  So cave conservation just got cheaper!

Here you are

I used a power washer on my mother in law's garage door. I soon realised it was stripping off multiples layes of paint and getting back to bare metal.

So maybe a bit of careful testing needed in caves.


I have vague memories, from when I were a lad, of someone at the Wessex hanging up a furry suit and blasting it enthusiastically with a power washer. This did get it clean - but it blew out most of the fluff and the end result was something resembling a string vest!  :lol:

Only the bare unit so you have to buy batteries and they are usually the expensive bit.

But could it be modified to run off the batteries for your digging drill?


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