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can anybody give any pointers finding ogof gofan near bosherston - a friend spent all afternoon looking to no avail

basicaly where on the cliff is it!!!

cheers traff

Wish I could help but we went there few years back, just strolled along the edges (had no gear), got to the point of where we thought it should be but wasn't sure where you would descend.. Further round the coast we looked back and saw some holes that may have been the cave (then again they might not have been!).
Does anyone know - If you walk further round the coast can you see the cave entrance??

Can't remember actual location, but wasn't that far from the car I don't think. There was a blowhole type shaft at the top of the cliff not far (less than 100m) from the belay which might help. I went this the Hereford Caving Club so didn't bother noting actual location. Impressive abseil down cliff into cave entrance.


There is a good description with NGR and survey in Caves of West Wales by Tony Oldham

Is this the exit for the route - "preposterous tales". Given E2

Here is the guidebook description

The following route is a wild trip into the bowels of the earth. It starts from ledges above high tide on the south west arete of Bosherston Head. The pitches inside the cave are always damp but the holds are good. A head torch might be useful to find protection! First find the blow hole on the surface (see map on page §§§). Abseil down either side of the arete which is about 15m to the right (looking out) of the line of the blow hole cave.
1) 4c, 15m. Traverse rightwards into the sea cave, aiming for the apex of the cave. Swing into the cave and find an excellent belay, 4m inside, on a boulder choke.
2) 5a, 10m. Bridge inwards to where the cave widens. Committing, but surprisingly easy moves across the left wall lead to a corner beneath daylight. Belay here.
3) 4c, 25m. Follow the corner to escape.

Looking at the rock fax turn left just after huntmans leap - in its just back from the cliff edge - about 15 meters.

Sounds wicked and one thats always been on my tick list.

Hmm - anyone fancy a trip to pembroke


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