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Not sure if this has been put out on other diving media.  Anyone guess whose it is, what it is and where it was first used?

Looks like an early generation emergency search reel, of the kind which started to appear in the wake of the tragic loss of Ian Plant four decades ago. We were all encouraged to add a search reel to our gear by Geoff Yeadon, who produced a CDG publication on line laying and following shortly afterwards.

Where was it found? (This might narrow things down, by checking dates of dive logs in the CDG Newsletter.)

Here's a very tentative guess; did it come out of the gavel to Witches II sump?

It was found on a table in a pub in Kirkby Lonsdale.  It's a bit of a quizz Pitlamp - I, fortunately, know the answer.   :smartass: ;) ;D

Ah - sorry; I'll not spoil your quiz then.  ;)

At least I'm confident as to the "what" part of your question. (I've still got one like that somewhere, although the design has now been superseded.)


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