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The stigma on mental health is wrong, most just don't want to admit if they need help because of the stigma of what it means. only advise i can give is don't be afraid or ashamed, if you need help then get it. sometimes pills help but not always. if your struggling then try going for a walk, the fresh air helps me. some people need talking therapies. i have done DBT and it has helped me a lot, i would highly recommend it. mindfulness is also good.

Sorry to hear about your problems Nick.  As I neared the end of my days in practice Parkinson's seem to be getting increasingly common and we have at least two friends who have it #(one attributes to cleaning agents used in his old job for IBM as a colleague also developed it).  Exercise is beneficial for a lot of complaints and certainly I suspect it has kept my tendency to depression at bay over the years. You are right about medication - it can be very specific for some individuals as I learnt during my career. Sometimes it was an effort to persuade people they were depressed.

about 8/9 years ago, I was struggling for motivation, struggling to form and maintain friendships etc and just generally struggling. I'd not really realised I was feeling 'down' at all, but just noticed the end effects of it. Someone brought in a copy of the black dog book to work, and left it on the side in the kitchen. I read it and it instantly resonated with me, and everything fell into place.

I spent the next few years not really dealing with it (or other issues going on in my life) and ended up being in some dark places (not just underground).

I've never really been one for opening up, but do have a select few people that I feel I can and so do, and I urge anyone who feels the same to do so. Let your friends know you're there, rely on your friends if you need them.

Over the last 5/6 years or so I've managed to work out my 'triggers' and spot the early signs that things are spiralling downwards and so know what to do to regain control.

Apparently Matt Haig the writer has written a helpful book. I have certainly enjoyed his fiction eg The Midnight Library and The Humans.


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