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Huw Groucutt:
I'm finding my furry undersuit a bit hot for some of the caving i'm doing and as i've only used dragon stuff i was wondering whether anyone can reccomend any other makes for a fairly thin undersuit, warmbac, beavor etc??

Stuart Anderson:
i have a daleswear thin fleece u/suit. i think was £25 from the factory. very good imho

Huw Groucutt:
cheers Stu, looked at Daleswear website, thin undersuit there looks good and its cheap.

Anyone else reccomend any thing undersuits?

I've also been using a Daleswear undersuit, the 'Kingsdale' version for 5 years now and its served me well...


ian mckenzie:
Our caves here are colder than yours, but drier.  We often wear both thin polypropylene underwear and a furry suit under our oversuits.  I have found tho that two-piece combos are better than full furry suits so that the jacket and/or pants can be deleted if you think you're going to have a warm trip.  Pile or fleece jackets are also widely available at regular or discount clothes shops and you can pick them up cheap off-season - get the full zip version rather than the pullover so you can unzip to cool off.  Stuffing a balaclava, toque ("wooly hat") or neck-gaiter into your tacklebag can help with those waits at pitches if you've underdressed.


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