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Thanks Steve, noted. Yes, fully agree with the sentiment of supporting local specialist shops. If we don't they'll not be there.

Funnily enough I went past their shop in Halfway the other day looking for old colliery remains - didnt realise they'd moved out there.

I love that Scuba Rattle, but I'm still struggling to see an above-water use for it that could justify me getting one. Maybe online meetings that go on far too long...:)

 Not sure what your looking for but I bought some fantastic beaver fleece lined wet socks that lasted years from dee sports in Chester

You're close with that one!

I checked various Beaver stockists and none has what I wanted (which I happen to know has been discontinued, since the company was left with no choice but to buy in from China). As a last resort I found what I wanted on Amazon. Also, sadly, made in China.


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