SRT kit renewal

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--- Quote from: MJenkinson on May 10, 2021, 10:00:36 am ---With regards hardware, on my first trip underground post-lockdown I noticed that I could pick bits of aluminium off my descender crab - it looked like a Cadburys flake! I am sure it woudl have been fine but given how much of this there was - I binned it.

--- End quote ---

I would not at all be sure that would be fine - that's how aluminium corrodes and I would chuck any krab that showed signs of it. I think it's far more insidious than rust which is usually fairly harmless (until it's obvious that there's more rust than krab...)

Thanks everyone, I shall be looking for a new sit harness then ? Any reccomendations for a comfortable, easy to get on model ? The one I shall scrap is a Petzl Fractio, which I found a bit of a faff, with its double waist belt, but that`s probably just because I`m a bit cack handed. :-[

Pete K:
Tony @ Starless River has a great range and, depending on where you are based, can possibly arrange for you to try the fit before you buy.

MTDE club or Petzl Super Avanti if you want a simple faff-free harness. MTDE Picos/Amazonia/Varonia if you want an SRT armchair. (IMO)

Sorry to pester, but it entered my tiny brain that the chest harness is webbing too, should that be replaced too ?
Big Thank you to everyone, I will shut up now. :beer2:

Ian Ball:
A silly question about srt safety?  not heard one of them before.

Chest harness is not weight bearing in the same way as a sit harness, more for convenience so it's fine to use but there are updated options out there now, Petzl torse, Alp design Doma and the MTDE Garma has many fans.  If you're going to be doing a lot of srt work then it's worth upgrading, other than that I wouldn't bother.


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