Uses of a Swiss Army Knife

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Has anyone used a Swiss Army Knife other than opening parcels or slicing cheese?
Today I MacGyver'd a brake bleed thing out of a coca cola bottle and some plastic tube for my brother's van after the slowing down peddle became a bit too spongy, and it worked.  I was quite impressed with myself for once, doesn't happen often.

Mark Wright:
Funnily enough I've just today treated myself to a new, personalised Red Champ and leather case.

It's to replace the now totally seized up one I bought in Riyadh 30 years ago. If I'd been a bit more careful with it I would probably have got another 30 years out of it. The old one came in a leather case with an excellent mini Maglite torch, compass, sharpening stone and some other valuable safety essentials.   

I've used mine for all sorts of things. I've certainly used every tool though not always for what it was designed. A jeweller friend of mine made me a silver toothpick for the old Champ though that went missing some time ago. I will have to commission another.

My new one should just about see me out. Excellent value if it does.


I used the scissors to cut out a wetsuit from a sheet of neoprene - sore fingers!
I also used the saw to cut a small branch and then whittled it to the right size to do a temporary repair to a diesel injector on a truck that I was hitching a ride with.
I bought it in 1973 and still use the awl for starting screw holes in timber but one blade is broken, the scissors only have one side and the red plastic is warped from being sat in my jacket on a radiator in the Hill Inn; it also scorched the jacket!

Victorinox used to repair or replace their knives free of charge. Does anyone know if they still do this?

Mark Wright:

--- Quote from: Tripod on May 23, 2021, 10:59:55 am ---Victorinox used to repair or replace their knives free of charge. Does anyone know if they still do this?

--- End quote ---

I hadn't heard that one.

My seized up one was definitely through no fault whatsoever of Victorinox. That was definitely my fault. Buying a new one is the least I can do. The old one certainly won't be going in the bin. Like Dickie's, my old one still has a few tools that aren't totally seized so it will still get plenty of use. 



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