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May 24, 2018, 11:13:52 am by gardouth | Views: 255 | Comments: 0

Recently we've been back pushing some areas of Excalibur Pot. There are lots of unanswered questions about where lots of the water is going and how it gets to Bogg Hall Rising over a mile away.

Our focus over the past few weeks has been at the 'Cobbled Sink' in Shit Creek. This is quite grim area with not much space to work, however Shit Creek carries water at all times of the year with several inlets feeding it. All the water sinks into a low arch under a wall and seems to easily take all the water, even in high flow.

It's difficult digging but with a bit of chemical persuasion it's getting bigger. Just a matter of time before we're into the stomping streamway beyond!

April 18, 2018, 08:19:13 pm by Ian P | Views: 478 | Comments: 1

Hi all
Please find below details of an SRT training day supported  by the BCA/CNCC and hosted by the Craven Pothole Club

When: Monday 28th May 2018 9.30am Start (Bring packed lunch)

What: "SRT for all". A full days indoor SRT training suitable for ALL levels of experience

Suitable for: Anyone who wants to improve / learn SRT

Where: We are using the excellent SRT Barn @ Yorkshire Dales Guides (

Accomodation: Quality bunkhouse accommodation available at the CPC. £6.00 per night

Equipment: SRT kits can be borrowed if needed

Cost: £20.00 per person (Pay on the day)

To book, email: mail(dot)ianpatrick(at)gmail(dot)com (Places limited to 12)

April 12, 2018, 10:33:22 am by Badlad | Views: 824 | Comments: 4

Expedition rope on offer

Following the success of last summer's sponsorship we are offering the same rope deal to summer expos.  Ukcaving are looking to target their support towards younger, hard up cavers, heading out on expeditions this summer.  We can offer up to four sponsor 'deals' of 300m of Fides 9mm SRT rope with a possible bonus of a further 200m to one lucky group.  Thanks again to our good friends at Spanset for their assistance with this offer

So how do you get hold of this rope?  Well... the more coverage your expedition gets the better it is for all your sponsors... and cavers like to hear your expedition stories..... so you're going to have to blog about your expedition on ukcaving.  What does that mean?  To apply you will have to post on the 'expeditions' board of the forum giving some history, details, hopes and objectives of your trip.  Our small panel of judges will then decide who will be successful and award your trip the rope (collectable from Ingleton area).  As part of the deal you will then give a commitment to blog about the trip on the same thread.  This must include as a minimum; a post before departure, two posts from the field and a good report upon your return.  Make it positive and fun (but not too much of the in jokes that no one else understands) and that will help with recruitment and sponsors next year.   Once the expeditions are all over our judges will choose who has made the best efforts to inform and entertain the caving public and award a final 200m of rope to one of the expeditions for future use.

Closing date for applications is 10pm 5th June. Any questions, especially about eligibility, please contact me by PM.
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