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Beachy head Cave

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does it still exist and have access would love to have a little explore. anyone got any info


Les W:
I visited it a few years back. The best approach is from Birling Gap and it is advisable to contact the Coastguard before you go and when you get back as people get twitchy when they see people below the cliffs there. The cave is in full view of the lighthouse.
Coastguard control centre phone number was: 02392 552100

You will need to be a good climber as it is about 15 feet up the cliff (or take a ladder...)

It is a small tube, quite tight in parts with the occasional space where you can stand up (well, stoop anyway. I didn't get to the end because it was too tight  :o

Ed W:
What Les said is all true about getting to the cave, be very aware of not only the tide but how rough it is too.  Unlike Les I can't comment on the inside of the cave, as I wimped out on the climb up when I was there six years ago (I think this was after Les).  The climb was sufficiently steep and difficult to make a fall a distinct possibility.  I would seriously consider taking a builder's ladder of about 5m unless you have a good climber available!  The photo below shows the entrances as they were in April 2006, things may have changed since then though...

Thanks. anyone know if there is any one digging or exploring currently in the sussex and kent area. would love to get inolved.


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