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Daz, Rich and me

Unnamed mystery mine, Wiltshire

First non commercial trip of the year for me. We met in a pub car park, drove for a bit up the hill and parked in a darkened road. Entered the mine in total darkness and silence by crawling under a bit of wrinkly tin, then down a load of steps. There was no mabhinery left in this mine, just lots of very well preserved miner's  graffiti, and some excellent stone carvings. It was quite an extensive place which took us about 2 hours to get round - then we did it again looking for some of the group (there were 7 in total!) who had got left behind doing some mapping. Met a freindly local on the way out.

Needless to say, I can't reveal the name or whereabouts of this place, but in due course, it will become more accessible. At that time I may post some of the fab photos I took.
If you bribe me with  :beer2: though I may tell you in person..... :ang:

20th Jan

Box mines
Me, Andy & Rachel S, Nikki, Brendan, Sean

Went in the back door via the snowy woods and, as a couple of the group had not seen the cathederal, went straight there. Then headed North through some of the minor passages to Cliftworks passage, and along the tunnel to the door in at the far North - the one in someone's backyard. Back along and into the North of the mine, to crane country. Very impressive "displays" of tools, winching trucks and probablly the best preserved crane in the mine, complete with tongs and in-situ block of stone.

It was about 3 years since my last visit, and I was upset by the amount of modern graffiti that has spoilt the mine - especially in some places over the top of older 1890-1920's stuff. Why do these dopey chavs insist on doing this? I'd prefer more difficult access to the mine than see more spraypainted crap.

Thankfully, the more remote places of the mine have much less graffiti than the popular routes, and mercifully the tools / machinery are still well preserved. We then headed South on B11 passage until one of us wanted to go to the naughty stuff off the map. Up until now I had been diligently keeping my thumb on the map as we walked in an attempt to improve my underground navigation, and apart from one or two places I was quite chuffed with my accuracy. It's a very difficult place to nav in though, and I lost my place on the map though chatting and not keeping up with the progress. So after getting to a couple of blocked off doors with humming fans behind, and speculating about Bond style villians and luscious girls in bikinis lurking behind, we went back on the mapped areas.

Followed the B11 route all the way back through the central part of the mine, and it was getting to Pub o'clock, so we headed out, and Sean into a hail of snowballs.

Beer and pickled eggs in the quarrymans finished off a top trip.

Sunday 27th January 2013

Swildons Hole

Rich, Darren, Steve, Steve's Son and Myself

The trip began with the usual meeting and greeting outside the barn on Priddy Green. We were all changed fairly quickly and walking across the muddy fields to the entrance, stopping to talk to a few cavers heading back  the water had apparently been near the metal pipe level but had dropped since. There had been a lot of snow melt this weekend and rain was forecast so it was set to be an exciting trip ! (If you like water)

We planned to get to sump 1 and back depending on how wet it was going to be...

Rich took the lead and led us down through the long dry way, then followed the stream to the twenty foot pitch where a couple of other ladders were waiting. Steve got our stuff out and did all the life-lining, before long I was descending the ladder. The others quickly followed and we got chatting to some other cavers whilst we waiting for Steve to climb down.

We headed into Barnes Loop and had a quick rest before carrying on down, we also popped up into Tratmans Temple quickly to point out the route into St Pauls and the other bits of the cave.

It wasn't long before we arrived at a very foamy sump 1, there weren't many takers but I thought sod it and went for it, quickly followed by Rich !
We had a quick chat the other side of the sump before heading back through and starting the climb out of the cave.

We were soon back on the right side of the numerous water obstacles and elected to take the short dry way out.

We surfaced to darkness, the odd flash of lightning and claps of thunder in the distance.

I think we were underground for about 3 hours ???

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Saturday 23rd February 2013.
Hunter's Hole
Chris Castle, Ken Passant, Nicky Dennis

Straight down the direct route, rigged by me, where we spent more time than intended or expected looking at this short cave. We didn't go down the dig at the end because as far as I know it doesn't go anywhere and was very muddy. Up-cave we spent a long time in the boulders, where there is more of interest than I realised. I doubt if many people spend much time there, but it is well worth a look.

Ken de-rigged while I waited outside, having been desperate for a leak, and nearly froze to death.


Tuesday 12th March 2013. Hunters Hole
Nicky Dennis, Chris Castle

Not a great trip to record but as no-one else is bothering to enter their trips I'll put it in.

This was a recce for Nicky who has a couple of professional trips coming up. I've not been here for several years, when I came on a club trip with that silly girl Claire who got hysterical over spiders. Nicky doesn't like spiders but armed herself with a stick to fight them off and was OK.

I'd been wondering if I'd be able to pass the Tie Press after recent adventures in squeezes but it was easy. In the Boulder Chamber we had a look at the short side passages including a decorated rift I'd never looked at before. Then to the Water Chamber and the Lobster Pot. Nicky tied a rope then descended to the end of the cave. She didn't want me to go down as there were only the two of us so I waited. She had a struggle getting out, being short. I've never led a novice group down here, I don't think it's suitable for some of the children we get nowadays. A ladder would be a great help.


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