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Can anyone help us by deciphering the text at the top on this postcard for us. It came to the library as a donation and has a photo of Hunt Pot on the other side. Mary Boyd Dawkins' signature is there among others. We suspect the text could be in German?

Thanks for you help in advance
Mary Wilde

I think I can pick out “is narrow” and “to information”

And perhaps starts madam, or “mm”

Martin Wright:
Can't help with the top part as the writing is so poor, but I believe you are correct about it being in German as the writer signs off with "Herzl. grusse" meaning "Heartfelt greetings". The symbol that looks like a "p" is a German letter commonly represented in English translations as "ss".

I'll help you.

Yes, it's german. Written in Sütterlin (old type of handwriting).
I'll have a look after work.

wrote you on facebook


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