Dinas upper silica mine, improved access - a possible way forward?

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As many will know I have been trying to get the public path reopened that leads directly to the mine.
Read all about it here;

Now following Paul Marvins excellent video, and over my coffee this morning, it occured to me that it may be a good idea to do a video on this very subject. The trek up to the mine with air tanks etc is a right chore, the public road that leads to Pencaedrain has a path that is a mere 400 metres to the mine a short distance up hill. The regular route takes you up a steep path just to have to go down again.

I am thinking of a meeting with Paul and friends, Down and Beyond (Tom Ferry, a fellow director of the mine owning company) and myself to film a video all about the situation with a request for all interested parties to write to Rhondda Cynan Taf and complain about the blocking of the Public Right of Way. The statutory papers were served on the authority some time ago, I have no knowledge of any recent developments, if anyone has been there and has anything please share. I live some distance away.

Anyway, Paul and Tom, I am up for this, what all think?

You say a Saturday or Sunday I shall be their if you need any extra assistance in any way possible let me no am more than happy to help , I think it’s a great idea and in this modern day and age is a perfect way to address the matter,  many people watch videos now , if we could get a lot of people sending this message across will benefit everyone who wishes to visit . Especially the mine/ cave divers who have to carry all that heavy kit !

Thanks Tom. I think that this meet should also be open to any other interested parties such as someone who wants to represent a diving, caving, or mine exploration club.

Have you tried reaching out to a group like the Ramblers Association? I'm sure they'd be interested to see a public right of way re-instated. Perhaps they could represent another user-group for your video?

The situation legally at the moment is that the authority have served the necessary papers on the landowner and nothing has changed. Its a case of stimulating the authority to take their diggers in, they can then sue the landowner for the costs. Covid has put a spoke in to it all, but we need people to put pressure on the authority to exercise their legal powers.


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