Rhiwbach Mine Dive Video


Paul Marvin:
Hi Guys

Joint effort on this video by myself and John Carter when we first dived this place . There is as of typing about 600 meters of permanent line in here and about probably 80/100 Mts left to do . ALL the passages and chambers have been discovered but not all have permanent line in them. There are quite a few artifacts in here . Its a good dive and also a good trip above the water line .

Access is arranged via CAL Ltd NOT Go Below 

long walk up but worth it

dives and survey:

some pics of artifacts below water if you scroll a bit:

Paul Marvin:

--- Quote from: analogstrings on July 21, 2021, 03:35:10 pm ---long walk up but worth it

--- End quote ---

Diffwys is a LOT farther and harder than this  :'(


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