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Did you win the Fenix Headlamp HM65R


Did you win the Fenix HM65R?


1 x HM65R rechargeable headlamp worth £100 - thank you, Fenix  :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

The winning number is: 113!!

Ooh I've got ticket 113. That's a lovely surprise.  :beer2:


--- Quote from: DaveyDubz on October 04, 2019, 06:14:01 pm ---Ooh I've got ticket 113. That's a lovely surprise.  :beer2:

--- End quote ---

Great, lovely surprises are always good :)

Congratulations, they are fab lights.

Have sent a PM.

Thank you for entering the cavers Competitions and for supporting the forum :)

Thought I'd just post a little update :)
I had a test of the Fenix in OFD2 (through swamp creek, lugubrious, midnight chamber and Edward's) around a week and a half ago. I've got to say, for it's small size it packs quite a punch. I had it on medium for spot and flood for the whole trip (~5-6hrs of pottering around) and it didn't run out of battery which was nice (which surprised me being on only one 18650).
In short, it's a good light, Thank you Fenix and UK caving.  ;D


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