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Tell us your flora and fauna tales for a chance to win a £100+ Exped Bag!!

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These bags are blummin brilliant, ideal for expeditions (which hopefully we be happening again one day)
Prize donation by UKCAVING.COM  ;D

Look what set up home in one of our digging buckets - wasps!  :o

... and what a fine home they made too.
We left well alone and eventually they moved house.

Gave me the idea for a quick competition - post on this thread telling us any caving/mining related tale abouts animals and plants.

The more unusual the better and photos are always good too.

3 entries max per person.  Closing date Sunday 29th August at 10pm.

Shortlist to be chosen by me then it's over to

Good luck!!

I remember about a week before Christmas some time ago we went down Little Neath River cave. The tight wet entrance crawl is always fun in its' own way, and it is always a relief to drop down into bigger passage at the end. Imagine my surprise when I reached that drop, to find a large, hale and healthy, full grown goose stood on a ledge just above the water! Can only imagine the poor thing had been washed in by earlier flood water, quite obviously from the farm just up stream. Anyway, we continued our trip to the lower reaches of the cave and on our return I took on the task of rescuing our feathered friend. Now the streamway, in reverse, is always more of a challenge, and manhandling a full grown goose in front of you didn't make it any easier! However, eventually daylight was reached and it was decided to return our friend to his mates back at the farm. Being a week before Christmas I had mixed feelings about doing this and, even today some 30 years hence, I can't help wondering if the goose knew exactly what he was doing and cursed us for taking him from his hiding place and returning him to a certain fate!

Over the last few years we have been working down Son Doong cave and have managed to find 7 new species including white fish, white spider, white cricket, white woodlice etc. We have also helped scientists discover 6 very rare plants within the cave all in the endangered book. On one day we saw a white mouse running around deep in the cave about 3km in. There are no records of white mouse in this area of Vietnam so it could possibly be a new species. As we were planning on working with the BBC on animals in the cave they were very excited about this possible new discovery. On a normal tourist trip in the cave i asked a good friend of mine who is an excellent jungle man to see if he could capture this elusive white mouse alive. Alas my Vietnamese is not very good and next morning when i awoke in the cave i was presented with this pretty but dead mouse at the entrance to my tent. Since then we have not seen another white mouse and we have searched the area very well. The part of cave where it was discovered i have now named it extinction passage.

Golconda Mine 1985. Always wondered what this could be growing all alone in the dark!

In Thailand many years ago we went from Cave Lodge to visit Tham Plah is search of the blind fish. And yes we saw them but no photographs I'm afraid. But it is a good job Philip Klepto Smythe was not afraid!

(I make no excuse for the poor headgear - at least I had a cushion on my head)


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