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Would you have this emergency torch?

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Hi guys,

I've got this concept of a flash light that would be used only in emergency when being stuck in a cave. It would be a little torch that's able to emit light for at least 1 week continuously, so you won't be sitting in dark until being rescued. Regarding it's size, it could easily fit in a small pocket.
I know, that some headlamps have this function, but this would be dedicated, always fully charged, and really cheap. What do you think of the idea, would you have it with you? Or have you seen or got something like this yet?

Similar to this?


I personally carry a wowtac a2s as my spare and a spare battery for this , I have had the torch many years and it’s really been outstanding for its price £30 , I have viewed Pete’s link I could not see it’s battery life ? I no my scorpion x12 has a massive battery life on its lowest setting this is a Roy fellows torch .

Well yes, I saw no burn time for the Petzl which is essential information that is just not there.
The praise for the X12 is welcome, but the efficiency of a lot of PWM dimmed drivers is poor at the lowest settings, that is why I designed the single mode EcoDrive as I call it on the X16.

Ai this time I am hit by component shortages and was considering a run of X12s with a single mode same as the X16, to replace the lower range. However Toms post has alerted me to a possible loss of useful functionality.

Burn time for the e-lite here:



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