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Ok, i've created a Flickr group to complement this site.

It's not in any way trying to compete with any of the other caving / mine exploration groups already on Flickr, but is just there in case you want to conveniently share your pics with other forum members.

Access is open so anyone can join.

Caving Nat:
Thanks for the help.
I have uploaded some pics to the caving group too.
hope we get loads more as we don't have many in the forum. ;D


There are some excellent pictures in there now! Great stuff.

I manage the cave photography webring which aims to provide links between cave (and any other underground) photography websites. I've already had a request from another flickr group to add the group page to the webring, but there does not appear to be any way to add the webring navigator code into a flickr page. I could maybe do something with frames, to place the navigator in a footer with the flickr page above, but I would have to host that frame based page somewhere. Let me know if you are interested in having the flickr group page added to the webring and we can look into sorting something if there is interest.

Flickr's website has suddenly started showing a "skull and crossbones" over the main site logo.

Anyone aware if this is normal, or has the site been hacked by "pirates"   :shrug:

Or is it just me and my account?


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