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Do not descend Long Rake Mine, Bradwell Moor until further notice


Jenny P:
WARNING - Bad Air in Long Rake Mine, Bradwell Moor

2 cavers on a trip in Long Rake Mine, Bradwell Moor, during the Spring Bank Holiday weekend encountered "bad air", stated to be carbon monoxide.  They were so badly affected that, after they had surfaced, they had to call the emergency services to take them to hospital for emergency treatment and were kept in for 24 hours.
Warning signs have been placed at the shaft top and the farmer, Mr. Hadfield, is refusing permission for access for the time being.  Please ensure that club members and caving colleagues are aware of the danger and please stay away for the present.
DCA will be investigating to try to identify the source of the problem.  We will keep everyone informed of progress via the internet.

Jenny Potts, DCA Hon. Secretary

I'll make this topic the 'sticky' one as a Call To (in)Action - and will lock it to keep it to the point. If anyone would like to update with additional info about the situation, please let one of the mods know and we'll sort it; otherwise add the info to the new 'Discussion topic' and one of us will get it into this thread.


Discussion topic is in here: http://ukcaving.com/board/index.php/topic,6453.0.html

Long Rake Mine, Bradwell Moor - there is still no access to this site.

It has been reported to us that cavers were down the shaft late last week. This is just a reminder to everybody that there is currently no access to this site on the request of the landowner.

The DCA Access Team are currently trying to make contact with the Landowner to get an update on the access situation.

The DCA Team


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