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Only just seen this - could be built into a useful resource, though not sure if anyone's still looking after it:

It is being looked after still, although I've done little to it recently.
Did add the ability to upload photos for a cave and have a few ideas for the future if I ever get around to it.
Could do with a few more sites adding to it with some descriptions, anyone want to volunteer?

Barry Burn

Good effort! - if I ever get any spare time i'll try to upload some stuff from around Derbyshire.

I'm still working on a similar thing for boulder problems but as usual, time is the problem  :cry:

That's a great database- but a mammoth task for one person to start uploading stuff to it alone! I added an area to Derbyshire, and a cave, but the info. is incomplete. I will get it complete soon!

Nice resource which deserves some attention

Thanks for the comments. Couldn't reply before as I've been down to West Wales this weekend.
I agree that it would be a mammoth task for one person to enter. I've entered all the South Wales ones but Dick Grindley of the Grampian compiled all the Scottish entries when he created the Scottish Cave Registry, and let me extract the data from his database. Andrew Brooks sent me a list of Yorkshire Caves cross-referenced to the relevant published description. So if anyone has any data already compiled, then I can add that to the database with little problem. It would be nice to enlarge it to include entries for the majority of the British Caves and provide a resource that could be used by cavers everywhere.


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