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Greenside Mine

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Does anyone know what the access situation is with Greenside Mine??

And, for the through trip - is it easy to find the way and what ropes are required etc....?

Any info would be great.

Ask Jagman on the Darkplaces Forum,it's in his neck of the woods I think.

I knew someone in the '60s who said he wouldn't go in there without lead underpants.

Cumbrian Neil:
Dunc - Are you meaning Greenside Mine above Glenridding??  Because if you are you might want to contact Chris Jones.  I know he was instrumental in opening the route in the early nineties.  I also know the bottom end is locked so you will need to figure out access (at least it was a few years ago when I last wandered up there).

CATMHS are the main body of mine exploration in Cumbria so they might be a good source of information.

I have never done the through trip... but I have been up to the upper entrance... it is quite a walk!!



--- Quote ---Dunc - Are you meaning Greenside Mine above Glenridding??
--- End quote ---

Yes that's the one..

Cheers for the info Mole and CN.. will look into it..

Cumbrian Neil:
You'll have to let me know how you come on with it all.... back then there were still a lot of ladderways in place.... but they degrade pretty quickly!!  Have you ever been to the Plumbago Mines in Borrowdale or Coniston Copper Mines... they are a novel jaunt on a rainy day!

Cumbrian Neil.


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