Youth and Development minutes and reports


Since being voted in as BCA Y&D officer and Group Rep, one of my big pushes has been for better transparency. This builds faith in the way BCA is working, but also demonstrates the good work that is going on.

I've been asked several times by people inside and outside of council what is going on with Y&D and what my plans are. Taking this and my push for transparency into account, I have uploaded the latest minutes from the Y&D working group meeting (February 2021), and have also uploaded my report for the upcoming council meeting (March 2021) to the Y&D working group page on the BCA website.

If anyone has any questions about anything in there, please contact me either by direct message on here, or to my email at

The next Youth & Development meeting will be towards the end of May, and if anyone wishes to observe the meeting, they are more than welcome.

Nice one Josh  :thumbsup:

In advance of the next council meeting on Tuesday, I've uploaded the latest Y&D report to our page on the website, and have also gone back and added any previous reports that I've provided to council/AGMs as Y&D officer, as well as any minutes since my "inauguration".

If you have any queries about anything in these reports please do reach out to me, likewise if there's anything you think we could be doing but aren't?



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