Calling all teachers & lecturers


Andy Farrant:
Calling all teachers and lecturers.

If you are a teacher or in Higher Education, you may already introduce cave-related topics into your classroom/lectures. If you don't then you might like to consider the opportunities offered by the British Cave Science Centre (BCSC) at Poole's Cavern for science topics in Key Stages 3-5, and for undergrad & MSc dissertations. Real time data on cave temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, drip rates and rainfall can be streamed live into the classroom, and we have data sets spanning over 2 years. There are also data sets on carbon dioxide concentration and on the direction and strength of airflow into and out of the cave. See

On Monday 19th July at 7:30pm there will be a seminar with four talks on the BCSC as part of the BCRA-International Year of Caves & Karst Series. For further info and to join the Zoom meeting for this talk please go to   :smartass:

Is this something that could be advertised through the BCA's website/facebook etc to try and get a wider reach? Great that BCRA have this resource available for young people!


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