BCRA International Year of Caves and Karst Seminar 7 on 9th August


The next BCRA online seminar will take place on Monday 9 Aug 2021 and is entitled:

As Old as the Hills: The Chronology of Caves and Their Landscapes

With: Mike Simms, National Museums Northern Ireland

Starting time: 19:30 BST. To join the meeting see

Caves, formed by streams draining into limestone from the surface, provide a unique record of evolving landscapes by creating new underground drainage routes in response to surface changes. Cave passages, and the sediments or animal remains that they contain, are protected from weathering and erosion far longer than if they were on the surface. Limestone caves present natural barriers to ordinary mortals but, for those willing to tolerate the discomfort, they offer unparalleled opportunities for reconstructing, and dating, the evolution of the landscapes with which they are associated. Many of the key observations are simple to make – and to include on surveys – and can radically change our views of how particular caves, and their associated landscape, have evolved through time.

I really wanted to see this presentation by Mike Sims but I had to go out on Monday night.

Does anyone know if it was recorded, so an online version is available to view?



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