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The BCA executive have released the following statement to accompany the news that the membership fee is due to rise from the first of January next year.

For the last 2 years BCA has been spending more than it’s been raising in income and reducing its reserves. The increase in the membership fee is looking to alter that situation. The last fee increase was a long time ago. Some fees have reduced in the last few years. The proposal does not affect student fees, non-caving member fees or club fees, merely member fees that are currently £17 increasing to £20.

Thanks for posting this Ari.

I'd like to thank the BCA executive for rethinking about taking this to the AGM and just doing it. The original proposal was for this to be voted on at the AGM and then a subsequent electronic vote - this would of meant that the actual decision wouldn't of been made until mid November. By this time many of the larger clubs would of been well on their way to collecting the 2022 subs (including BCA membership), so would of potentially had to of make up the shortfall out of their own reserves. This way clubs now have enough notice to collect the right amount of money from their members.



Unfortunately it is inevitable that the fee will have to go up sometime.  The last couple of years have been difficult with both the pandemic and Brexit and the BCA will no doubt have it's work cut out campaigning for continued access to caves on mainland Europe, especially places like Matienzo.

Its got nothing to do with Brexit or the Pandemic, its to do with the BCA's increased spending on things like the CROW campaign and Youth and Development, as well as opening up the possible things that the regional councils can claim back for.

And I would of thought that the BCA will be campaigning for easier access to caves across the UK, rather than mainland Europe where they have no authority or jurisdiction.


Has the actual insurance premium increased from the insurance broker


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