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Hi everyone,

I'm the member for the University of Newcastle Caving Club (UNCC) this year and I am currently in the research stage for a book I am hoping to write on the history of the club.

If you were in UNCC, please get in contact!

Any info you have, no matter how small, could be of value. You may be able to help me find other contacts (I'm trying to trace the ex-members back as far as possible); I would also love to hear about your time in the club, and if anyone has any PHOTOGRAPHS, maps, or other material relating to the club a copy of these would be incredibly helpful!

My e-mail is:

Hopefully talk to some of you soon!

Thanks in advance!!!

Good luck with this project, you will find it a lot of hard work.

These days universities have more accessible alumni records which should help you to hunt down former members.

Here by way of example is a link to an excellent early Aber effort - modern technology enabled some of the missing links from 1990 to be tracked down for a half centenary reunion in 2016.


Have a look at this topic from last year:

Make sure you make use of the British Caving Library - they are tremendously helpful and can point you in the right direction.


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